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Just Do the Dada (2009)

Dada Life Lyrics

Feed The Dada
Happy Violence
Happy Violence (vocal extended mix)
So Young So High
Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker
Rolling Stones T-Shirt
Feed the Dada (original mix)
Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker
Boing Clash Boom
Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time for Rock'n'Roll)
Happy Hands and Happy Feet
Rolling Stones T-Shirt (original mix)
Everything Is Free
Happy Violence (Caveat remix)
Don't Stop
Feed the Dada (extended mix)
Cookies With a Smile
Kick Out The Epic Motherfu**er
Fun Fun Fun
Feed the Dada (Dyro remix)
Your Favourite Flu
Feed the Dada (original)
Happy Hands & Happy Feet (12" edit)
Cookies With a Smile (original mix)