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Rhapsody in Rock: The Best of Rhapsody (2008) Lyrics

Robert Wells
1. Overture 2008
2. Living Years (Soloist: Paul Carrack)
3. You Shook Me All Night Long (Soloists: Jill Johnson & Charlotte Perrelli)
4. Hungarian Rhapsody no II
5. And I'm Telling You (Soloist: LaGaylia)
6. Carmina Burana (Oh Fortuna)
7. For Always (Soloists: Wynne Evans & Sofia Källgren)
8. Rhapsody In Rock no VIII
9. China River (Soloist: Jiang Kamei)
10. Never Ending Love
11. Nut Rocker
12. The Typewriter (Soloist: Mikael Tornving)
13. Over the Rainbow (Soloist: Lena Philipsson)
14. The Way It Is
15. 1812 Overture
16. Queen-Medley (with guests)
17. Desperado (Soloist: Jill Johnson)
18. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Soloist: The Vocalettes)
19. Let It Rock (Soloist: Jerry Williams)
20. Belleville Rendez-Vous (Soloist: The Vocalettes)
21. Let It Roll
22. Hot Legs (Soloist: La Gaylia)
23. Anitras dans
24. Breaking Up the House
25. We Can Work It Out (Soloist: Sarah Dawn-Finer)
26. Bumble-bee Boogie
27. Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar (Soloist: The Vocalettes)
28. Little Queenie (Soloist: Mats Ronander)
29. Honeysuckle Rose
30. Jump, Jive an' Wail
31. Baby Love (Soloists: Shirley Clamp & Nanne)
32. Feeling Good (Soloist: Pablo Cepeda)
33. River Deep Mountain High (Soloist: Sanne Salomonsen)
34. Legends Of Rock'n Roll
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Rhapsody in Rock: The Best of Rhapsody (2008)