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Prince on a White Horse Lyrics

A prince on a white horse
With long fair hair
Riding through your dreams
With his straight glance
Riding upright and proud
He's waving his hand and it seems he's riding for you

A prince on a white horse, all dressed in gold
Galloping over the clouds
He's taking you with him in his strong arms
Shielding you from all the harm
Before you awake.. and you awake

Your mother's screaming, you have to get up
Working day, life is back
And it hits you like a spear
A dirty Monday morn'
The day has just begun
And it bores you from the start

No prince on a white horse, no open blue sky
Only muddy november clouds
No tender caress, no gracious smile
Only slippery offers and jokes
And you've had enough

You're waiting for the day when you leave all this behind
When you get your chance
And you swear yourself, you'll take it with all your might
You will do it right, take and hold it tight
And you'll spread your wings and fly

With the prince on a white horse, is a everlasting spring
And a love that will never end
The sun will always shine
An endless lucky time
And everything will be alright

Awake... open up your eyes... look around
What do you see... tell me, what can you see

But the princes all around you aren't wearing golden coats
Their horses are made of steel
They don't ride blue skies
They're riding motorbikes
And they put a damn on your dreams

The prince on the white horse works in a factory
Roasts hamburgers in a snack bar
The princes of today, are passing you away
They don't ride anymore
On white horses...

A prince on a white horse doesn't smoke cigarettes
He never watches TV
He doesn't buy porn or drinks alcohol
He only lives in your dreams
So... dream on.
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