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Little Bitty Lyrics

Tom T. Hall
You have a little love on a little honeymoon
You got a little dish and you got as little spoon
A little bitty house and a little bitty yard
A little bitty dog and a little bitty car

It's all right to be a little bitty
It's a little hometown or a big old city
Might as well share might as well smile
Life goes on for a little bitty while
[ guitar ]
A little bitty baby in a little bitty gown
It'll grow up in a little bitty town
Big yellow bus and little bitty books
It all started with a little bitty look

It's all right to be a little bitty...
[ guitar ]
You know you got a job and a little bitty check
Six pack of beer and a television set
Little bitty world goes around and around
A little bit of silence and a little bit of sound

It's all right to be a little bitty...
[ guitar ]
A good ole boy and a pretty little girl
Start all over in a little bitty world
A little bitty plan and a little bitty dream
It's all part of a little bitty scheme

It's all right to be a little bitty...
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