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For the Streets (2008)

Pill Clinton (2007)

16 Wit' Dre (2006)

The Game Is... Thick, Part 2 (2004)

The Genie of the Lamp (2004)

Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics (2004)

Al Boo Boo (2003)

Heart of Gangsta, Mind of a Hustler, Tongue of a Pimp (2003)

Thizzelle Washington (2002)

Mac Dammit Man & Friends: City Slickers (2002)

It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It (2001)

Mac Dre's the Name (2001)

Rapper Gone Bad (1999)

Stupid Doo Doo Dumb (1998)

Young Black Brotha (1994)

Mac Dre Lyrics

On the Run
How You Feel
She Neva Seen
Fast Money
Fuck Off the Party
Valley Joe
Mac Stabber
I'm a Thug
Feeling Like That Nigga
Mac Drevious
Grown Shit
Genie of the Lamp
The Pain
Lame Saturated
Something You Should Know
Morals and Standards
Can You Shout
Talk Big Shit
2 Hard 4 the Fuckin' Radio
All Damn Day
On My Toes
Young Playah
The Coldest MC
California Livin'
Young Black Brotha
Gift 2 Gab
Life's a Bitch
3C Romp
Stupid Doo-Doo-Dumb
Crest Creepers
Nothin' Correctable
Choke'n Off Dank
Real Niggas
All it Takes
Lets All Get Down
Doin What I Do
Doing What We Do
Cutthoat Soup
Retro Dance Record
Cal Bear
Livin' It
Punk Police
The Mac Named Dre
Boss Tycoon
Thizzelle Dance
Dollalalala Lotsa Paypa
Early Retirement
Out There
Not My Job
2 Times & Pass
Make You Mine
What Cha Like
Feelin' Myself
Me Damac
Since '84
That's Wusup
Get Stupid (remix)
2 Night
Don't Snitch
Too Hard for the Fuckin' Radio
Shakin' the Feds
From Sac to the Boonies
Doing What I Do
Be About Yo Doe
Back n da Hood
It Don't Stop
Too Hard for the F@#Kin' Radio
Don't Be a Punk
Thizzle Mountain
Black Buck Rogers
Hotta Den Steam
I've Been Down
Rapper Gone Bad
Fish Head Stew
How Yo Hood?
Fortytwo Fake