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Liar Lyrics

A circle of warriors, weapons in the hand
All their heads on the ground
The victor's sitting near on empty stand
While the wind whirls leaves around

Here comes the Dai-San, the master of life and death
And a priest - oh god, the shock takes away my breath
If this black snake shall speak for me
Easily he will tell him ties - in the name of god, you see!

The Dai-San commands the man in the robe
And he bows low in awe
Obeys the command, betraying my hope
Follows the churches law

You chase for treasures, because your real god is just gold
Even if I lose my life - your soul you've sold
I've found the way to your abundance

That you've kept dark, for eternity
Everyone's lost, they had no chance
To flee from this cruel destiny
I'm not blind - you're a liar

What can I do now, how can I restrain
The time has come, I'll have to do: Dai-San let me explain
I will crush your cross
Look, the Dai-San comprehends

Tell what you want
This paralyzing fear now ends

Why are there false priests in this world?
Why do they turn good into bad?
Why do so many follow
Why don't you trust, trust in your own head

After all - I will not hesitate
After all - I'll go my way
Whether fear or rage can bring me to
To betray my believe!

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