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Never Again Denying Their Lives Lyrics

** "ich bekenne mich im sinne der anklage nicht schuldig", "rudolf heß", "nein!", "ich bekenne mich im sinne der anklage für nicht schuldig", "wilhelm keitel:", "ich bekenne mich nicht schuldig!", "nicht schuldig!", "nicht schuldig!", "ich bin in keiner weise schuldig." (audio: nuremberg trials) **

never again denying their lives

Until the opposite is proved right
you abide to your decision,
never admit to the atrocities suffered by the disarmed.

You worship those who were responsible
for the mortal fear of thousands.
You commemorate the day your messiah preferred suicide
to admitting his lost struggle.

Read the inscriptions on the tombs of those who died a bitter death,
now lying buried in the fields of extermination.
Listen to the screams of those locked up in the wagons of the train of extermination,
waiting for the deadly poison.

Feel the pain of those who were tortured in the labor camps,
raped by countless sentries on cold grounds, starved to death
in the name of your blue-eyed god in uniform.

Their death was arranged by transforming a religion into a race,
dedicated to be annihilated.

This is the case,
there is no getting away from it,
it has inevitably happened or do you call us fools?

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Written in Minor Key (2001)