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Get in the Swing Lyrics

Get in the swing, pal
Get in the swing
With everybody and everything

My friends are here
Mind if you go out and not come back again
Well, thanks a lot
Hooray, hooray
The night is younger than the girl who's got the touch
But not by much

Well, I ain't no Freud, I'm from L.A.
But I know certain things
That they also serve who sit and wait
They're cheaper than painting
And don't need explaining


When salmon spawn
A ton of water blocks their motion
Spoils their game
But on they go
Thrashing 'til their mission is fulfilled or else
Oh, but they have their friends
And have a warm bed waiting
Just like I do with you
I'm happy, so happy, I'm happy, oh happy


All for one, one for all


Hello down there
This is your creator with a questionnaire
Hello up there
I don't have the time to fill out questionnaires
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