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Captain Coulston Lyrics

Steeleye Span
Come and join with Captain Coulston that hero stout and bold
Who fought his way all on the sea and never was controlled
For six long weeks in summer gales we sailed upon the sea
All bound for New York City, that city fair to see.

The captain and his lady they came on deck each day
To help us with our merriment, going to Amerikay
The merriment being over we're going to bed one night
The captain he came upon deck to see if all was right.

He said my boys do not go down you need not think on sleep
For in a few hours more we shall be slumbering in the deep
For a pirate ship is coming down upon the western sea
to rob us of our property going to Amerikay

The pirate ship came up to us and ordered us to stand
Your gold and precious loading, this moment I demand
Your gold and precious cargo, resign to me this day
Or not a soul you'll ever bring unto Amerikay

The battle it commenced, brave boys and blood in streams did flow
While undaunted did our passengers the pirate overthrow
The cries of women and children lying in the hull below
While the captain and his passengers the pirate did overthrow

The pirate ship surrendered just by the break of day
And we brought her as a bounty unto Amerikay
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