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Songs From the Movie (2014)

Ashes and Roses (2012)

The Age of Miracles (2010)

Come Darkness, Come Light: Twelve Songs of Christmas (2008)

The Calling (2007)

Between Here and Gone (2004)

Time* Sex* Love* (2001)

Party Doll and Other Favorites (1999)

A Place in the World (1996)

Stones in the Road (1994)

Come On Come On (1992)

Shooting Straight in the Dark (1990)

State of the Heart (1989)

Hometown Girl (1987)

Mary Chapin Carpenter Lyrics

Bells Are Ringing
He Thinks He'll Keep Her
Passionate Kisses
10,000 Miles
Shut Up and Kiss Me
Down at the Twist and Shout
I Feel Lucky
Only a Dream
Grow Old With Me
I Am a Town
Come On Come On
Halley Came to Jackson
I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Quittin' Time
Ideas Are Like Stars
The Bug
Walking Through Fire
I Take My Chances
This Shirt
Can't Take Love for Granted
The Moon and St. Christopher
Let Me Into Your Heart
Mrs. Hemingway
Hot Buttered Rum
On a Quiet Christmas Morn
Come Darkness, Come Light
Candlelight Carol
Thanksgiving Song
The Hard Way
Rhythm of the Blues
Almost Home
The Last Word
Where Time Stands Still
Going Out Tonight
The More Things Change
Christmastime in the City
A Lot Like Me
Chasing What's Already Gone
Don't Need Much to Be Happy
On and on It Goes
Here I Am
Goodbye Again
The Long Way Home
What Would You Say to Me
Goodnight America
Between Here and Gone
Keeping the Faith
Hero in Your Own Hometown
I Can See It Now
We Traveled So Far
I Want to Be Your Girlfriend
What If We Went to Italy
Dead Man Walking (A Dream Like This)
The Shelter of Storms
That's Real
Naked to the Eye
I Have a Need for Solitude
Sudden Gift of Fate
Once in Royal David's City
Still, Still, Still
The Longest Night of the Year
Why Walk When You Can Fly
Tender When I Want to Be
John Doe No. 24
Outside Looking In
Right Now
When She's Gone
Middle Ground
What You Didn't Say
You Win Again
What to Keep and What to Throw Away
Other Streets and Other Towns
Hometown Girl
Downtown Train
Family Hands
Just Because
On With the Song
Bright Morning Star
My Dear Old Friend
How Do
Something of a Dreamer
Never Had It So Good
Read My Lips
Down in Mary's Land
The Dreaming Road
Alone but Not Lonely
Too Tired
Slow Country Dance
In the Name of Love
It Don't Bring You
One Small Heart
Beautiful Racket
Girls Like Me
I Put My Ring Back On
Grand Central Station
Holding Up the Sky
4 June 1989
I Was a Bird
What You Look For
The Better to Dream of You
A Place in the World
The Way I Feel
Christmas Carol
Children, Go Where I Send Thee
Willie Short
Jenny Dreamed of Trains
Wherever You Are
House of Cards
Stones in the Road
Quittin' Time (live)
A Keeper for Every Flame
Party Doll
The End of My Pirate Days
This Is Love
The Swords We Carried
Another Home
Learning the World
I Tried Going West
Old Love
A Road Is Just a Road
New Years Day
Come on Home
Fading Away
Heroes and Heroines
The Calling
We're All Right
It Must Have Happened
Your Life Story
Leaving Song
Down at the Twist and Shout (dance mix)
Closer and Closer Apart
Why Shouldn't We
Whenever You're Ready
Simple Life
Swept Away
Slave to the Beauty
Maybe World
What Was It Like
King of Love
This Is Me Leaving You
Someone Else's Prayer
Late for Your Life
Luna's Gone
My Heaven