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Rebel Rise Lyrics

Midtown Bootboys
Rising from the darkness of a dark forgotten grave
Another flash of glory for the lives that they once gave!
The clustered souls of soldiers take a bright and shining form
A once dead army rises up to march into the storm!

The rebel flag flies once again
To join the fight of righteous men!
They do their job and then they 're gone
But the sound of freedom marches on!

With uniforms of tattered grey, the life gone from their eyes
Marching strong to the battlefield where they were left to die!
Picking up where they left off a hundred years ago
Victory is soon to come, defeat we'll never know!


The flag is up, the war is won, we all hail victory
But we must be prepared to fight to keep our country free
The soldiers of so long ago are crying once again
But they will will rise to join the fight again like righteous men!

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