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I Want to Take Off From a Carrier Lyrics

Dos Gringos
I wanna take off from a carrier some day before I die
Strap that Viper to a catapult and watch that sucker fly
200 knots in under 2 seconds
That's my kinda fun
Do a barrel roll just after takeoff
Just like in Top Gun
But I don't wanna land
Allow me to explain and you'll understand
'Cause it ain't about the landing
Why would I care?
You never have a crosswind and you never have to flare
You got 4 fucking wires, how could you miss?
I can't think of anything that's easier than this
But once you're on the deck my friend you'll never be the same
'Cause you're stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere with five thousand other men
Join the navy? I don't think so
Living on a boat? I don't think so
Hot bunking? I don't think so
Doing night traps? Fuck that! I don't think so

Sure I thought about the Navy but decided to pass
I love my five star hotels and per diem out the ass
I do all of my fighting well within the shore
Cable TV and cappacinos - that's the way that you fight a war
This spoiled life - it can grow old
When the coffee ain't fresh, the sheets ain't soft and the beer is only somewhat cold
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