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Starving-Geisha.Net Lyrics

Pull a Star Trip
now watch the stars thrown overboard
a parched rose craves for waterfalls
my heart prays for an aspirin
mercy and born?
who said 2 hearts couldn't beat as one?
we don't need words for hidin secrets,
but a hiding-place to rest,
the absence of my homesickness
don't panic or hit alarms
forget the present...
when i get a taste of your warm lips
we know by now
we'll stay alive
did you permit the static?
guess we can stay
right here to pray
is this cinematic?
one word and we'll escape from this
a town is burning out tonight i'm searching
for a timeless place
glamour of hope
i can spare one single word touch to prove
can't you just stand still like you are
so bright and beauty shining star
the absence of my retention
kiss me like they do in movies
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