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Let's Do It Now (1998)

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Haddaway (1993)

Haddaway Lyrics

What Is Love
I Miss You
Rock My Heart
What About Me
Fly Away
What Is Love (7" mix)
What Is Love (original 7" mix)
What Is Love (12" mix)
Mama's House
I Miss You (radio edit)
What About Me (radio version)
Catch a Fire
Life (radio edit)
Come Back (Love Has Got a Hold on Me)
What Is Love (club mix)
Life (Everybody Needs Somebody to Love)
What Is Love (Reloaded)
Stir It Up
Who Do You Love
When the Feeling's Gone
The First Cut Is the Deepest
What Is Love (Rapino-Brothers-mix)
Rock My Heart (radio mix)
Lover Be Thy Name
Baby Don't Go
What Is Love (original mix)
Sing About Love
Waiting for a Better World
I Miss You (radio mix)
What Is Love 2003
Come Back
What Is the Love?
Another Day Without You
Make Me Believe
Bring Back My Memories
What Is Love (radio edit)
What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro radio mix)
Miss You
Let's Do It Now
You're Taking My Heart
I'll Do for You
I'll Wait for You
Give It Up
Rock My Heart (album mix)
Tell Me Where It Hurts
I Know
Life (Mission Control mix)
Don't Cut the Line
Desert Prayer
What Is Love (radio edit 7" mix)
What Is Love (Refreshmento Extra mix)
You're Taking My Heart (DJ Stevie Steve's radio edit)