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Computers and Blues (2011)

Everything Is Borrowed (2008)

The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living (2006)

A Grand Don't Come for Free (2004)

Original Pirate Material (2002)

The Streets Lyrics

Dry Your Eyes
Fit but You Know It
Blinded by the Lights
Turn the Page
Let's Push Things Forward
Everything Is Borrowed
It's Too Late
Weak Become Heroes
Could Well Be In
Has It Come to This?
On the Edge of a Cliff
The Irony of It All
It Was Supposed to Be So Easy
Never Went to Church
Too Much Brandy
Don't Mug Yourself
I Love You More (Than You Like Me)
Such a Twat
Stay Positive
The Escapist
Not Addicted
Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
When You Wasn't Famous
Who Dares Wins
The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living
Same Old Thing
What Is He Thinking?
Empty Cans
We Can Never Be Friends
Sharp Darts
Who Got the Funk?
Trust Me
Get Out of My House
In the Middle (Nero remix)
War of the Sexes
Memento Mori
Outside Inside
Blip on a Screen
Heaven for the Weather
Never Give In
The Strongest Person I Know
Hotel Expressionism
Two Nations
Lock the Locks
Geezers Need Excitement
The Sherry End
Alleged Legends
All Goes Out the Window
Blinded by the Lights (Nero remix)
On the Flip of a Coin
Without Thinking
Trying to Kill M.E.
The Way of the Dodo
Can't Con an Honest John
Roof of Your Car
Those That Don't Know
When You Wasn't Famous (album version)
Going Through Hell
Prangin Out
Fake Streets Hats
Puzzled by People
Your Song
Give Me Back My Lighter
Streets Score
Weak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedle's Love Bug vocal)
You're Fit but You Know It
Weak Becomes Heroes
Weak Become Heroes (Royksopp's Memory Lane mix)
Prangin' Out (Pete and Mike's version)
4 O'Clock
Something to Hide
All Got Our Runnins
Don't Mug Yourself (Mr. Figit remix)
Let's Push Things Forward (Zed Bias dub mix)
Never Went to Church (album version)
In the Middle
Don't Mug Yourself (radio edit)
A Blip on a Screen
David Hassles
He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu
I Love My Phone
Where My Heart Has Been
Going Through Hell (Diplo remix)
Blinded by the Lights (album version)
Never Went to Church (acoustic version)
Fit but You Know It (radio edit)
Without a Blink